We are a team of dedicated Web and Mobile developers specializing in custom CRM development services for startups and SMBs.
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- Mobile & Web development within your budget
- Custom CRM and dashboard development
- Staff augmentation and dedicated teams
- Support and maintenance of your product
- Mentoring and consulting
We have a strong expertise in CRM and dashboard development services, providing custom solutions to streamline and expand your interactions with customers. OUR experts support you at each step, from designing to maintenance. We are more than a development company - we are your tech partner.
An intelligent-building technology for running smart homes and even entire cities that collects data about the ongoing performance
Building & Construction
HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Php, MySql, Nginx
Kout is an e-commerce platform aggregating products from retailers like Amazon, Asos, House of Fraser and many others. Rather than buying products directly, customers play a free game (it is something similar to a scratch card) for a chance to win discounts, ranging from 2% to 99% off.
SocketIO, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, NodeJS, MongoDB
An online application for searching soundtracks from series and movies. We updated the 2008 design, which increased the conversion to registration by 30%.
Music streaming
HTML5, CSS3, ReactJS, Redux, NodeJS, MongoDB
Full Stack Development
We assure the most efficient solutions to develop your MVP and make it a great product. Our developers master frontend and backend technologies, databases and cloud services. We help deliver unique software development services, taking into account your product vision, business goals and industry demands.
Mobile App Development
We help develop mobile applications that meet consumers’ needs and help businesses to grow and expand. Our mobile developers create apps with complex business logic, high-quality UI and UX, AR, IoT, and other features for iOS and Android.
UX/UI Design
With our expertise in deep UX analysis, we create user-friendy solutions with intuitive interfaces. We build a whole visual identity to make your product’s design coherent and recognizable. As a result, you get a fascinating product that will earn your users’ trust and solve your company’s problems.
Quality Assurance
Our quality assurance engineers can reduce your costs and ensure that everything in your app is working well. We are greatly concerned about the quality of the final product, that’s why we use the best testing tools and operate them at every stage of development
We'll assist you to shorten your operational efficiency without compromising safety, performance or quality. Our DevOps experts can handle continuous integration and delivery, secure infrastructure, and automation so you can easily add new features to your product
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Full Stack development
We use the most up-to-date technologies and approaches to create the best solution for your needs: we work on both the server and client’s side.
Mobile development
Our team of experienced mobile developers chooses the latest and the most efficient technologies to provide native and cross-platform development of your iOS and Android app.
UI/UX design
Hands-on and sophisticated team of designers deliver the human-centered, adaptive and catchy design. We implement the usability principles and A/B testing.
We apply the best DevOps practices and tools to improve the efficiency of both the development and operation of the software.
Quality assurance
By continuously testing from scratch to completed project, our QA experts create app with great user experiences.
Our developers always use innovative and efficient solutions to create a mobile or web application that meets your needs
Nestor Hernandez
Nestor Hernandez
Banker Paradise
Our project was 70% complete and they have met and exceeded expectations with not only on time completion of our sprints to get us to release state but tech support for bug fixes and improvements. Great communication and clean code. Thanks Andrew from Exceed Team for your efforts and helping us succeed together.
Ricardo Matos
Ricardo Matos
Digital Marketing Agency
Exceed Team’s efforts have been met with positive acclaim. Customers can expect an efficient team that gets the job done.
Dominic Hacking
Dominic Hacking
Digital Marketing Agency
Their support in development tasks facilitated growth in the client’s productivity. Expect a dedicated and thorough partner who takes initiative and is easy to work with.
Ilyas Djeddou
Ilyas Djeddou
CTO, SIX Travel
Exceed Team delivered a quality amount of work within the discussed timeline. Their efficiency and responsiveness were highlights of engagement. Expect a dedicated and communicative group of developers.
Gavin Wedell
Gavin Wedell
Founder & CEO, Change Activation
Exceed Team has received positive feedback from the client on their work so far. They have great project management skills and use a kanban board as well as text messaging.
Francois Holl
Francois Holl
Co-Founder & CEO, Kiskadi
They built a critical new functionality in the project’s first month. Exceed Team is a collaborative offshore partner guaranteed to provide top-tier development work.
Kit Norman
Kit Norman
Director at Mercury Digital Assets Ltd
We've worked with these guys for several months now and will continue to do so as much as possible. They've been lovely to work with and provided us with a high quality service at a decent price.
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Wide range of expertise
We have delivered software development services to a variety of companies, integrating cutting-edge technology with tried-and-true development methods.
Individual approach
Our experience of handling various projects allows us to produce scalable products on schedule and within budget while keeping the process clear and simple.
Above the highest standards
We listen to a client to understand business specifics and requirements. With strict and transparent standards, we get reasonable project scope and monitor product quality at all levels.
Driven by passion
Constantly motivated by our desire to learn and improve, we aim to provide high-quality results that meet our clients' standards. We use Agile practices to reduce launch time and cost.
Share your project’s scope, timeline, technical requirements, business challenges, and other details you consider necessary. Our team will study them and contact you soon. Let’s make an exciting product together!
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